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Healthy Environs recently did a smoke mitigation project for me. They did a fantastic job! I was very impressed. Wendy was so easy to work with and very friendly, professional, and patient with us. Thank you, Wendy! – Pam V

Wendy deodorized a house that had been smoked on for thirty years. She knew exactly what to do, how to do it and delivered great results. I strongly recommend All Odors Gone Longmont is you are facing an odor removal problem in your home or office. – Richard R

Wendy went above and beyond. This house was hard to step foot in at first due to animals that ran loose throughout the home by the previous owner. Now this house is becoming our home. She continues to still stand by her work, and it has been months since she first stepped in the door. Thank you from the bottom of my   – Chastity B

Our car smells clean, at last! Nothing else removed the cigarette smell until Wendy at All Odors Gone Longmont used her magic! Thank you, Wendy! – Lynne K

I’m so happy that I decided to go with Wendy to get the smoke smell out of the condo I recently purchased. Wendy went above and beyond at every step and was wonderful to work with. I was so impressed with her and how conscientious she is in making sure the smell is 100% gone (it is). I really couldn’t recommend her more! – Rayner M

Wendy is a life saver! Our house was on the market with lots of showings. However, many commented about a smoke odor in the house. When we had large family get togethers we set up tables & chairs in the garage, complete with ashtrays for all the smokers. I found Wendy on the internet and the rest is history! She took care of all the smoke smell as well as freshened the basement. Thank you so much Wendy for an awesome job. House is clean and sanitized…. YES! … Oh, that’s not all either. Wendy has a line of products for purifying the air that we and our family are also enjoying. Everyone should know about All Odors Gone, Longmont. – Joyce N

We recently purchased an odor remover from Wendy. Needed something to combat the diaper pail in my toddler son’s bedroom. Cannot believe what a difference this SAFE product has made. No smell from the pail and the added bonus of not knowing throughout the house of the pail’s existence and other odors he makes in his room! There isn’t a chemical smell, or the feeling of smells being covered. It’s not perfumy either. Huge bonus! The odor is gone, period. Thank you, Wendy, and we’ll be continuing for the rest of the house! – Edward C

This stuff works for real! (and I have tried a lot of others) All odors gone forever in my basement! Thank you, Wendy! – Diana Z

I’m really impressed with the odor egg for the fridge. I have noticed quit a difference in the freshness of everything. My produce stays crisp and the meat looks like you just brought it home from the store. Such an awesome product that I purchased another egg for a friend. – Debbie S

We recently purchased an odor remover from Wendy. Needed something to combat the new puppy scents. Cannot believe what a difference this SAFE product has made. There isn’t a chemical smell, or the feeling of smells being covered. It’s not perfumy either. Huge bonus! The odors are gone, period. Thank you, Wendy, and we’ll be continuing for the rest of the household odors! – Sandie C

Very Professional, the chemistry works! Both for the odor elimination and the customer service! As a property manager we had two rental properties treated, one with a strong odor of marijuana smoke and another with a slight mildew smell and smoke. They will work with your budget also. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Wendy! – JS Fulton

Wendy is absolutely amazing! She takes the time to figure out the problem and the source of the odor and comes up with the solution. Not only did her odor removal sachets help with my daughters’ asthma, but they also helped with the musty smell in our basement. – Vicki P

Wendy was prompt, professional and did a great job cleaning our unit after smoke damage. Highly recommended! – Abbey K

I am so impressed with Wendy! I needed to get the smoke odor out of my car, and I did a lot of research before deciding to use her services. I am very happy with the results. Wendy took the time to go over every inch of my car and after it was finished, we had a neighbor decide if her system worked! Yes, it did! I would highly recommend Wendy for any problems relating to removing odor whether in your car or home – Jeanne A

I had bought an air deodorizer to put in my living room as I have three teenage boys that tend to leave their stinky shoes around the house. I also have an air freshener in that room too. Not only did the deodorizer neutralize the smell of my boy’s shoes it also neutralized the smell of my air freshener. I highly recommend the deodorizers as they work on any smell you are trying to get rid of! – Tausha M

Our refrigerator is the happiest it’s ever been and so are we. Produce and meats are staying fresher longer and odors are a thing of the past! This product rocks! – Jim L

I was telling Wendy about the nasty smell my sons football pads and equipment was giving off.  It was so bad that we had to drive to practice and home with the car windows down, and it even evoked the occasional gag!  Wendy knew just the right products for the job!  After following her directions and using the products for 2 days, his pads had no smell!!! It was amazing!  Not only do they not stink, they are actually healthier for him, because they don’t have that nasty stinky bacteria growing and living on his equipment.  I am so amazed I’m recommending her products to our whole team!  I’m also using it for stinky shoes, gloves, and ball-caps. The amount of uses are endless. I highly recommend Wendy and Healthy Environs LLC – Summer R

I used the sachet to get the smell out of my sons’ shoes. It worked. I just put it in a bag with the shoes overnight. Amazing – Maureen B

Wendy is an absolute gem of a person and is so easy to work with!! We purchased a home with smoke damage and were very concerned with the smell, and our overall health. Luckily, our lender recommended Wendy to us and we couldn’t be happier!! We moved into our home after she did her deep clean, and wow!! It smells and feels like a brand-new house. I can’t smell a trace of smoke or feel it heavy in my lungs like I did prior to her cleaning. I can’t recommend Wendy and her services enough!! She was very fairly priced, responsible, professional, and extremely kind. Alyssa L.

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