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Quick Removal of Extreme Odors and Allergens

As a seller’s agent, you understand how important it is that a home look and smell it’s best in order for it to sell for what the owner is hoping for. But let’s face it…

  • Homes that smell do not sell as quickly, or for as much.
  • Homes that smell aren’t viewed in entirely before being rejected.
  • This leads to being on the market longer.
  • Homes on the market for longer than average get people wondering why.
  • Is it overpriced? Is something wrong with it? Are the neighbors awful?
  • And they think that the seller will be more desperate to sell.

None of these things may be true at all. But the reality is:
Homes on the market longer are more likely to get bids for lower than the asking price.

But we have the solution. We can provide 100% guaranteed odor removal, in most cases, in under 24 hours. Will it be as cheap as Febreze? Absolutely not. But the house will be on the market- smelling fresh and clean and more likely to sell quickly and for top dollar. And there is no risk, as if we cannot get the odor out, your client doesn’t pay!

If you are buyer’s agent, you know your client is only looking for homes that look and smell good.

Here’s how we can help you. If you know that there is a house that has been on the market for a while and it smells like cigarette odor. Your client can purchase the home with peace of mind that we can fix the smell and make it the home of their dreams. In some cases, the seller will pay me as a concession in the agreement. This opens up more homes for possible purchase.

Whether you are a buying or selling agent, we want to establish a relationship with you and your clients. Working together, we can close the deal.

We can denature allergens too!
This allows people that are allergic to animals, be able to purchase a home that once had pets. This broadens your market, whether buying or selling.

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