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I have Mold!

Whenever a homeowner finds mold in their house it can be scary. But rest assured not all black mold is the dangerous “Black Mold”. That said, mold can cause unwanted health problems, especially to the very young, the elderly and the immune challenged. So, if you find mold in your home call us.

Every mold situation is unique, so the best step is to set up an appointment for an inspection.

At the inspection we will:

  1. Determine the underlying cause of the mold.
  2. Recommend steps to eliminate the conditions that caused the mold in the first place
  3. Recommend steps to remediate the mold.
  4. Recommend steps to help keep it from happening again.

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Many mold situations require some form of minor construction work to fix the moisture problem. Some prefer to do this themselves; others will hire this out. We can provide trusted contractors for these situations, if desired.

Our safe and proven mold remediation uses a less labor-intensive process We use cutting edge technology, instead of outdated methods. This allows us to achieve the same or better results while charging you- the homeowner- less money. This does not mean you are sacrificing results! We back our process up with a guarantee that 99.999 % of mold will be eliminated from the treated areas of your home.
Our process will kill the mold, remove nearly all the staining from the mold and leave behind a zinc and silver ion shield for up to five-years of residual antimicrobial protection.

We will not pressure you to have expensive mold testing. We treat all mold the same way, so the type of mold you have is irrelevant. If mold testing is desired or required, we will have a neutral third party perform the test to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

We use only safe and nontoxic products. They breakdown into harmless salt within hours. This is better for your health and the environment.

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